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About Us

Quantum Cybersecurity Skills is a company revolutionizing risk management with security efficacy. We help optimize security maturity, security transparency from people, processes, technology and business alignment point of view. We effectively bridge security at Operational, Tactical and Strategical layers to improve security service quality and business agility. 

Quantum Cybersecurity Skills has been co-founded and ran by seasoned CISOs, SOC Managers, Pen-testers, Risk Auditors, Digital Transformation Project Managers to name a few. We call year 2019 as the birth of Quantum Cybersecurity Skills which was formalized in the following year.

Our team shines through diversity and is scattered across the globe in Montreal (Canada), Mexico City (Mexico), Tel Aviv (Israel), Valencia (Spain) with HQ in London (UK). Globally distributed team enables us to offer a high quality, cost-effective 'follow the sun' service and address Data Privacy needs.


We are aiming to help Security Leaders to de-risk security inefficiencies through time-tested methodologies and our team's availability to act as an extended hand of your IT security team. This includes early risk identification, faster risk mitigation, improved security alignment with ever-changing business needs. We achieve it by scaling and sustaining your to-date recourses that include people, technology and processes. Security efficiency improves operational resilience and business continuity.

Last but not least, Quantum Cybersecurity Skills is building a community of Security Leaders and Quantum Experts and providing networking opportunities and best practice exchange.

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We want you to know WHAT, WHERE and HOW, because being prepared to face the next attack is a must.


Scale cybersecurity capabilities of our clients through well-defined services that focus on business alignment and continuous optimizations


Accomplish client satisfaction, achieve contract renewals delivering well-defined and scoped services  for significant business impact.


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