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Quantum Cybersecurity Skills Ltd. was founded in 2020, almost two years from the initial and informal discussions with a group of global Security Operations Experts. The need to achieve Security Operations Center (SOC) optimization, understand the key components and milestones of this journey was felt across the board.

Today Quantum Cybersecurity Skills focuses not only on #SOCopimization, but also helps the organizations to convert security operations in effective metrics and value understood by The Board of Directors.

Last but not least, Quantum Cybersecurity Skills is building a community of Security and Quantum Experts aiming to network and exchange the expertise for building a more cyber resilient future, but also identifying how the demand for cybersecurity skills will change in quantum era and helping the business to close the gap.

The Company
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Quantum Computing as an enabler of more cyber resilient future through people networking and knowledge exchange, effective and simplified processes and next generation cybersecurity technologies.


Enable security operations stakeholders to efficiently leverage technology, processes and close the cybersecurity quantum future skills gap as well translate their operational security efforts into an easy understood business value metrics.