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Solutions by Business Challenge


Category: People

Saving costs through operational efficiencies

SOC optimization awareness training your security team will benefit from. This training course will help increase business acumen for technical teams and vice versa.


Category: Data Management

Data quality required to compute risks early

Data offers insights, however, data without strategic approach may cause alert fatigue, distraction and burnout of your security team.


Category: Business Alignment

Security alignment to business goals

Research shows that many organizations struggle aligning cybersecurity risks with business strategy.


Category: Security Posture

Corporate-wide security posture incl. people, processes, technology and business alignment

Pause and reflect on the status of your organization's ICT team and resources.


Category: People

Security talent retention and reducing burnout

A poorly fine-tuned strategy on security platforms triggers alert fatigue, the burnout of your security team and loss of knowledge as a result of increased talent turnover rate.

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