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Why Quantum Cybersecurity Skills drive #SOCsuperposition interviews?

One of Quantum Cybersecurity Skills goals is to build a global community of Security Leaders and Quantum Experts who recognize the need to drive new solutions, thinking and nurturing new talent aiming to achieve even more effective operational resilience and business continuity.

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Series 3 

is coming soon!


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What is #SOCsuperposition interview?

This is a series of videos and blogs that focus on security excellence and best business practice. The goal is to share ideas that help improve operational resilience and business continuity and be ready for future technology such as quantum, 5G, IIoT, etc. It’s all about your opinions based on your expertise. There is no right or wrong answer, just different perspectives and food for thought. Our interviews are typically based on three questions. We aim for 5 minutes per question and if you wish to extend your answer - go ahead!

What interview for #SOCsuperposition is NOT?
  • A Sales pitch of any kind

  • A direct report on what initiatives your current organisation may be driving

Where the interview will be published?
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Sample of video format - check it out!
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You may start with these questions...

1. One of the challenges many Security Leaders face is finding the right cybersecurity talent and retention. What do you do to enhance Security Operations employee experience, motivate and nurture a future-ready Security Operations team?


2. How do you quantify the value of security-aware culture?


3. What is your advice on the effective management and continuous training of a dispersed Incident Response Plan stakeholders?


4. Automation, Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies are being adopted within the Security Operations environment with more confidence. In your opinion, how will the role and importance of human experts change over the next three to five years?


5. What technical and non-technical skills do you consider important to ensure effective cyber resilience and defence of your organization?


6. A SANS Institute study suggests that the top barrier to Security Operations excellence is staff availability. What status quo would you challenge (or have challenged) to help increase Security Operations agility and efficiency in short-term and long-term?

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7. A Ponemon Institute Report suggests that cyber crime drains $11.7 million per business annually, up 62 percent in five years. What Security Operations metrics do you really care about that also help engage Senior Leadership including ones at the Board Level? Please name 2-3.

8. Incident Response Life Cycle is arguably a tactical component of the security program and the success of your IR team depends on many factors. Which factors would you list in a successful recipe and why, based on your experience?


9. Organizations need a dynamic approach to envision the technology driven future and lead SOC transformation. What does SOC optimization mean to you? Where does it start and end?

10. How would you be able to quantify the business value of optimized SOC vs non-optimized SOC? (KPIs Metrics, Costs, etc.)

  • I have reviewed your proposed questions, but would like to cover other topics. Can I? - Yes, see below. We accept any topic that is relevant to cyber security & quantum computing or other innovative technologies that are or will be affecting the way we manage security.

  • I'm too shy for a video recording, could I submit my answers for a blog? - Yes!

  • Will I need a permission from our PR for this? - It varies. 95% of interviewed Security Leaders / Quantum Experts didn't require their PR to approve the content they were sharing. It's best to check internally would be our recommendation.

  • Can I promote your recording within my network? - Yes!

  • Can I recommend someone for your #SOCsuperposition interview series? - Yes! 

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