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This self-assessment. should give you basic idea to below questions:

At what productivity level is our SOC currently?

What area(s) should we start optimizing?

We often hear from the customers that they have a blind spot in understanding their SOC productivity optimization maturity. Complete this self-assessment to score your organization’s current level of security operations productivity maturity, how to improve, and how to build a business use case for investment.

Based on your answers to 10 questions, you’ll get a score of one of five levels of security operations maturity:

  • 0-7:      Basic SOC

  • 8-14:    Advanced SOC

  • 15-21:  Dynamic SOC


Your SOC is your Business Risk Dashboard. The efficiency of your Security Operations has a direct influence to improving business risk and resilience. Knowing your SOC productivity optimization maturity level is just the first step in your continuous improvement journey compliant to ISO 27001 PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act).


Start now and take the self-assessment.