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SOC / MSSP Optimization

As a SOC provider, why to optimize our SOC?

As a SOC client, how can we be sure we are receiving a high-quality SOC service?

Continuous SOC / MSSP Productivity Optimization helps:

  • Identify security glitches faster.

  • Take full advantage of security services.

  • Get valuable and early business risks indicators to the Board.

  • Support security and business initiatives.

  • Security services efficacy achieved through SOC / MSSP Optimization improves Business Continuity and Operational Resilience by 10 percent as a starting point.

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Services Summary

  • Continuous improvement of your defensive capabilities

  • Productivity Optimization from People, Technology, Business Alignment, Processes, Integrated Operations Defense, Data vs Actionable Information and Compliance angles (we call them ‘Modules’)

  • Awareness & Training for self-driven SOC / MSSP Productivity Optimization projects