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Security Talent Retention & Reducing Burnout

Human analysts are critical to a SOC’s / MSSP's ability to quickly identify, prioritize, and respond to security incidents and deliver high quality of security services. Due to high turnover of employees and burnout, the fop barrier to security services excellence is staff availability. Security analysts are key to the security services success. Management need to recognize them, nurture with extensive training, bonuses, promotions, job rotation and management opportunities.

The Challenge

A poorly fine-tuned strategy on security platforms triggers alert fatigue, the burnout of your security team and loss of knowledge as a result of increased talent turnover rate.

Since there is a correlation between the demand and the absence of cybersecurity professionals in the market, the ability to retain the talent could be at risk. 

Thus, not just commitment of people could be jeopardized, but also quality of service, client satisfaction and even brand reputation to attract top caliber talent. 


Key Factors


In a similar way the chain is made by adding multiple pieces together, so is the service structured - from multiple pieces. If one of those pieces broke, the service could be impacted in a negatively way causing chain reaction.  The most fragile links are the ones associated with the onboarding process, role goals and continuous development plans, security metrics comprehensiveness. However, the most critical impact is on  communication procedure. When your organization is constantly challenged by distracted team due to burnout or frequent turnover of security talent, this change puts customer satisfaction at risk in the moment of broadcasting a security incident, etc. The devil is in the detail.

Our Strategy

So you have a highly skilled security talent. As a next step, we must assess whether our specialized people perform dedicated tasks to the best optimization of their skills and experience for the purpose of achieving business goals more effectively. In other words, we help your organization to achieve the confidence by embedding an approach which will minimize or completely eradicate repetitive obstacles.  Evaluating the delivery of services from people perspective, will offer the opportunity to identify hidden glitches, that eventually affect service quality and work-life balance. Burnout is NOT a badge of honor.


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