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Security Alignment to Business Goals

The State of Risk Management Survey Report 2021 helps to realize that today's cybersecurity risks are way more business oriented (resilience, reputational & financial, operational) and focus on data breach prevention, minimizing the impact to business and ensuring business continuity. The other major significant discovery derived from above mentioned survey is in a way an acknowledgement that many organizations struggle aligning cybersecurity risks with business strategy.

The Challenge

Great security services and projects have failed tremendously, because of the lack of alignment between technical initiatives with business goals.

Security services are not just technical matters at Operational level. For the Board to truly understand the value of security services alignment to business, the technical aspects of risks and resources must be communicated in business oriented language to speed up decision making and understanding business value of the service. 

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Key Factors


It is very common to observe that monthly security reports are mainly technical. Naturally, the monthly reports are needed, however, not just as a service justification, but also as a crucial service driver. For instance, a SIEM report typically includes logs ingested, number of alerts, correlation rules activated, integrated sources, however, this kind of information is rarely correlated to business risks, severity, likelihood and financial impact as well as the proposed effective mitigation actions.  Monthly reports are a perfect opportunity to meet with the business Board.

Our Strategy

Our security team helps to identify threats and apply technical countermeasures. Security is more than an operative and technical matters, it's business enabler and agility indicator, therefore, it is crucial for your organization to understand how security services align to business goals and measure the progress. Our security team will help you translate technical metrics into valuable business risk indicators for the Board to enrich the decision making. Security operations is completely integrated into business operations.


Relevant Services / Products


  • Technical Consultancy

  • SOC Optimization training course 

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