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Reactive Security Support

Through our Reactive Security Support services your organization will benefit from our augmented SOC approach. Not only do we focus on superior speeds in incident response, rapid validation and high touch full-service incident response of certified and experienced teams, but in the background of the operations and service we aim for Security Excellence.

Benefit from flexible pricing options and choice of services listed below. Choose only what's relevant to your business - all or any service. Service charges are based usually on annual or monthly subscriptions and in some cases, where below listed service becomes a sub-service, the charges apply based on the contract scope. For example, a customer requires 'As-is' security posture assessment which may include malicious code analysis, in which case, we would charge for this service based on the contract scope. 

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  • Incident response to control and mitigate attacks & threats to reduce the impact of the business (included in security monitoring services). 

  • Study of materialized attacks through Forensics Analysis, to track the compromises.

  • Malicious Code Analysis to understand malicious artifacts and prevent further attacks.

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