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Our mission is to empower Customers to maximize their investments in SOC / MSSP / CSIRT / CERT environments by optimizing every inch of Security Services Operations. 2020 has driven the acceleration of Digital Transformation. Now it is the right time to take a full advantage of your Security Operations Service.

We achieve it through ISO 27001 PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act) and emphasize the importance of business alignment. The SOC optimization success recipes we offer are fresh, relevant and scientifically as well as pragmatically justified approaches. We also drive #SOCoptimization interviews with Security Leaders and Quantum Scientists.


Quantum Cybersecurity Skills is your outsourced SOC optimization research team, providing your business with SOC optimization roadmap, success recipes and SOC Optimization training to help meet for your specific business needs and budget.

What we are NOT:  a risk assessment that focuses on SOC environment.

SOC optimization (full service)

Four primary domains are: people, technology, processes and security alignment to business needs followed by four sub-domains such as compliance, collaborations, actionable information and data selection. 



SOC Talent Optimization Service

Lack of continuous development, overlooked skills, lack of role switching opportunities are the biggest reasons of SOC talent churn. It takes about 9 months to bring a new SOC hire up to speed and it will cost the organizations 1.3 times more. 

How do you drive a positive security culture? How do you scale security efficiency regardless of new hires in this space?

SOC Technology Optimization Service

- Which technology you have versus which we would recommend you to implement and why?

- What are the ways of achieving holistic security transparency?

- What data is your SOC technology collecting and how we could help to make this data actionable?

- What are the ways of reducing alert fatigue?

SOC Processes Optimization Service

Complex SOC environments and processes increase the average data breach cost by $291,870, Ponemon Institute study 'Cost of Data Breach Report 2020' found. 

Same report suggests that data breach cost could be lowered by average of $ 2.7 M provided the SOC / Security Operations are optimized accordingly.