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Proactive Security Support

One of the primary goals of Proactive Security is to achieve improved security visibility. Understanding your security posture improves the understanding of your ever-shifting business risks. Enable your security team to focus on more strategical security matters by outsourcing this part of security services to Quantum Cybersecurity Skills. Our team will add the advantage of shortening risk life cycle.

Benefit from flexible pricing options and choice of services listed below. Choose only what's relevant to your business - all or any service. Service charges are based usually on annual or monthly subscriptions and in some cases, where below listed service becomes a sub-service, the charges apply based on the contract scope. For example, a customer requires 'As-is' security posture assessment which may include penetration testing and breach & attack simulation in which case we would charge pen-testing services based on the contract scope. 

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  • Security monitoring & incident response with MDR, Managed Detection Response service. 

  • State-of-detection through Breach and Attack Simulation with different attack vectors (Endpoint, Email, Immediate threats, Lateral Movement, etc.)

  • Timely detection of weaknesses through Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing.

  • Anti-ransomware service helps to be one step ahead before a ransomware attack happens.

  • Risk mitigation is focused on reinforcement of critical systems and applications (Email, Domain Controller, DNS, cloud, Linux, Windows, code review, etc.).

  • Technical consultancy offers the advice on calibrating and improving the detection ratio of the security controls (SIEM, EDR, WAF, IPS), reviewing or helping you to build efficient Incident Response Plan, reviewing and testing your Incident Response processes and procedures.

  • Threat Hunting to proactively research silent malicious & attack indicators.

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