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Why And When You Need To Change Cybersecurity Services Provider

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This article has been inspired by the conversations with our customers. It covers most often heard bustiness justification of the need to change cybersecurity services provider.

Despite the increasing importance of SOCs, a high percentage appear to have difficulty obtaining the funds needed to maintain an adequate capability (451 Reserach).

The struggle around budget which includes has led to increased pressure to cut costs, with outsourcing being one of the outcomes. In a recent study, 60 percent of SOCs reported that they outsourced SecOps functions for the cost savings (Micro Focus).

SANS have identified that incident response, security monitoring and detection, pen-testing, data protection and monitoring, remediation, digital forensics, red and purple teaming, compliance support and threat research were amongst most frequently distributed services with MSSP / MSP / MDR security services providers.

Source: 'SOC Operations Activities', SANS.

Cybersecurity efficacy is often seen as a business enabler that affects business agility. Amongst most frequently heard business justifications to change their MSSP / MSP / MDR provider were:

  • Reactive services approach. Customers often identified cyber risks faster on their end and informed their security services provider accordingly.

  • Lack of customer support and lack of engagement with the customer.

  • Security services provider didn't have the ability to offer partly customized service and/or package of services were not the best value for money.

  • Lack of frequent reporting.

  • 'Not differentiating enough, we may get standard services anywhere, however, we are looking for a service package that offers more business value through innovative approach'.

All qualities you DO NOT want in a security services provider, particularly if they are responsible for protecting your business and are influencing your business agility.

How to fix it?

  • Check your current security services provider contract to ensure you are within your rights to either end it earlier than was originally planned or are coming to the end of the contract term.

  • Go over your business’s current monthly costs – how much is your security costing you? Does the services package offer you best business value? Is the quality and SLA of service in line with the business goals? What metrics do you apply and how often do you measure it?

  • Decide whether or not you are happy with the flexibility offered to add / remove additional service. Is the organization selling you a package of services or you may customize it to best fit your business needs?

  • What are the other services that could add value to business, for example, the assessment of business risks which includes people (skills gap analysis), technology, processes and business alignment or, alternatively, provider's focus on security services efficacy to help save operational costs, technical consultancy, security training which includes Risk Awareness for all employees and specific role-based training for DevSecOps, ITOps, SOC, Red and Blue Teams.

  • Is having access to frequent performance / findings reports important to you?

  • Receive your FREE Quote.

  • Run a Proof of Concept.

  • Make a decision to switch cybersecurity services provider.

  • Enjoy high-quality security service.

  • Expect continuous and proactive monitoring as well as having access to frequent reports.

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Organizations that are able to take a full advantage of their Security Services (SOC) are Leaders when it comes to reducing business risks, operational costs, improving resilience and business continuity. Scale and sustain the resources that you already have - it's part of an agile and integrated risk management strategy.

Quantum Cybersecurity Skills has been co-founded by seasoned Security Experts to help Security Leaders out there. We are your trusted Partner to deliver continuous SOC productivity optimization aligned to ISO 27001 PDCA, proactive and reactive security services, MDR and professional risk mitigation services. Our services are applicable to any size organization from any industry, whether with an in-house SOC / CSIRT / CERT or MSSP outsourced. We run operations in UK, Canada, Mexico, USA and Spain to meet customers' Data Privacy requirements.

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Twitter: @SOCoptimization


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