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26 Oct 2021

Windows Processes

Windows processes mind map. Test.UNDERSTAND.Improve.Repeat.

20 Oct 2021

Malware Taxonomy

Understand malware taxonomy and assess your organization's ransomware readiness.

12 Oct 2021


Cloudflare: bypass & protection.

5 Oct 2021

VPN Attack Vectors

Analysis of VPN attack vectors & best security practices

28 Sept 2021

Most common O365 attack vectors

Included: Azure AD PowerShell, domain and user enumeration, bruteforce via OWA, EWS, OAuth, Auto Login, AAD sign-in form, golden SAML and others.

21 Sept 2021

Azure OMI

Azure OMI (Open Management Infrastructure) CVE-2021-38647

14 Sept 2021

Most common vulnerabilities exploited by ransomware groups

List of vulnerabilities ransomware groups (or their access brokers) use to gain initial access

7 Sept 2021

Microsoft MSHTML

Microsoft MSHTML Remote Code Execution Vulnerability CVE-2021-40444

30 Aug 2021

Multiple vulnerabilities in Cisco products

Cisco has released a security bulletin where 15 vulnerabilities have been detected in multiple cisco products: 1 critical vulnerability, 6 high vulnerabilities and 8 medium vulnerabilities.

11 Aug 2021


Microsoft Exchange servers scanned for ProxyShell vulnerability

2 Aug 2021

Top 30 vulnerabilities

Top 30 vulnerabilities commonly exploited in 2020 and during 2021.