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Improve your security posture, strengthen your defense capabilities

Security monitoring and incident response with MDR (Managed Detection and Response) service

Security Test & Attack Simulation using Breach & Attack Simulation platform which includes different attack vectors (EndPoint, Email Gateway, Lateral Movement, etc.)

Timely detection of weaknesses through Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration Testing, Fingerprinting recognition and Social Engineering exercises

Ransomware Readiness service helps to be one step ahead of ransomware attacks

Risk Mitigation service through reinforcement of critical systems and applications (Active Directory, AWS Cloud, Network)

Technical Consultancy which is aimed at calibrating and improving the detection ratio of the security controls (SIEM, EDR, WAF, IPS) 


Incident Response service to control and mitigate attacks & threats and reduce the impact to business (included in MDR service)

Study of materialized attacks through Forensics Analysis to track the compromises

Malicious Code Analysis to understand malicious artifacts and prevent further attacks


Be on top of your incident management

continuous improvement

Improve your processes, optimize your talent

Security Assessment at is Quantum Cybersecurity Skills complete evaluation which allows security alignment to business goals by understanding the security posture from technology, processes and people perspective, providing custom recommendations based on security scores

Risk Assessment helps to understand corporate-wide security posture

Compliance Alignment of the critical processes of the business ISO 27001, GDPR, PCI/DSS, HIPAA, Cyber Essentials Readiness (UK), etc. 


Aligning IT security hiring needs with HR processes and strategies for improving talent retention 


Reviewing Incident Response Plan

Reviewing and testing Incident Response processes and procedures

Optimization Assessment goal is to identify and solve silent pains and recommend how to take a full advantage of technology, processes and people helping to improve early risk detection and improve the outcomes of security initiatives


Hands-on, customizable training for Red Team

Hands-on, customizable training for Blue Team

Security Optimization training for Security Team and Management which focuses on security services improvement at all business management levels: strategic, tactical and operational

cyber security training

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