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Library of Security Best Practices

#SOCsuperposition Video Interviews with Security Leaders and Quantum Experts

We have aligned topics covered by the Industry Voice to Quantum Cybersecurity Skills approach. We believe that security is not just technical matters, therefore, it needs to be equally woven into all business verticals: Operational, Tactical and Strategic. Our experience shows that organizations are primarily exercising security at Operational level (technology, data). There is a great opportunity of security optimization at Tactical and Strategical layers. Equally aligned security at all business verticals positively impacts business agility and growth. 


Fig. 1. Quantum Cybersecurity Skills approach: security at all business verticals. Learn more.


Fig. 2. Quantum Cybersecurity Skills approach: security sources and how they tie into each business vertical. Learn more.

Industry Voice: The Latest #SOCsuperposition Interviews
with Security Leaders & Quantum Experts