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Library of Security Best Practices

#SOCsuperposition Video Interviews with Security Leaders and Quantum Experts

We have aligned topics covered by the Industry Voice to Quantum Cybersecurity Skills approach. We believe that security is not just technical matters, therefore, it needs to be equally woven into all business verticals: Operational, Tactical and Strategic. Our experience shows that organizations are primarily exercising security at Operational level (technology, data). There is a great opportunity of security optimization at Tactical and Strategical layers. Equally aligned security at all business verticals positively impacts business agility and growth. 


Fig. 1. Quantum Cybersecurity Skills approach: security at all business verticals. Learn more.


Fig. 2. Quantum Cybersecurity Skills approach: security sources and how they tie into each business vertical. Learn more.

Industry Voice: The Latest #SOCsuperposition Interviews
with Security Leaders & Quantum Experts

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People, Actionable Information, Business Alignment

People incl. Decision Making, Careers, Skills, Upskilling

Actionable Information

  • SecOps sustainability through tiering key assets that require protection > Marius Poskus

Alignment to Business incl. Business Continuity​, Risk Quantification, Cyber Resilience & Defense

Security Architecture & Design

  • Security architecture > Tim D Williams

  • Security-By-Design best practices and challenges > Dragomir Vatkov 

  • Algorithms for data privacy mainly focus on searchable symmetric encryption and privacy preserving multi-party computation. Discussing how security-by-design embedded in the design phase of algorithm helps to counter privacy attacks of today and tomorrow (for example, quantum computing attacks on encryption) and how to prevent tampering attempts on algorithm’s integrity - Coming soon!


Processes, Compliance, Security Posture



Security Visibility incl. Security Transparency, Security Posture, Security Tactics, Security Maturity

  • Security monitoring: Our Global SOC Survey 2021 (results captured so far) suggests that one of the great challenges by organizations globally is achieving continuous corporate-wide cybersecurity visibility including people, technology, processes and business alignment. Discussing how it affects security monitoring approach / strategy and discussing best practices > Coming soon!

  • Security visibility | Integrated security approach > Elad Ortiz

  • APTs: Advanced persistent threats (APTs) are amongst the most difficult cyber threats to defend against. APTs are sneaky and stealth, slipping into your network quietly and remaining there undetected for days, weeks or months while hackers gather sensitive information or mess with the integrity of your logs (CIA) or spread more malware. QCS Global SOC Survey 2021 (data collected so far) indicates that over 1/3 of global organizations feel their SOC / MDR would benefit from an efficacy boost (fine-tunning). Putting this capability challenge of SOC into perspective of APTs, we are discussing tactics that could help to become more effective defending against APTs > Coming soon!

  • Security Maturity > Tony Ridley

Continuous Improvement



Technology (and Assets), Data Management



Data Management incl. Data Quality

  • SecOps: best business practice to reduce alert-fatigue > Marius Poskus 

  • Intelligence-Driven Incident Response (F3EAD cycle) > Marius Poskus ​​​