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Supporting Financial Services / Banking / FinTech and Insurance Sectors

We observe the customers from above mentioned industry are amongst the most mature in terms of security operations. Those customers often have a well established internal SOC (Security Operations Center), highly skilled talent team who are able to manage business risks and security posture with confidence.


However, the management of cybersecurity tasks and duties must be conducted, maintained and followed-up in order to ensure the current state of the cybersecurity strategy and the consistency of high quality of services to their customers.

Continuous cybersecurity strategy alignment to ever-changing business needs is a must, as this helps achieve a more focused and proactive detection of risks, vulnerabilities, malicious activities and potential threats. In other words, it will help improve and maintain your security posture.

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Businesses Cases (Challenges)

  • According to Gartner, “Cloud-first and even cloud-only, is replacing the defensive no-cloud stance that once dominated large providers in recent years.” Risk here is closing cloud security gaps which requires specialist skills and continuous improvement. 

  • Active Directory service often requires fine-tuning (optimization).

  • Bitdefender service has been identified as one that requires improvement.

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Consultation on AWS cloud platform security exploitation and hardening

Consultation on AD platform and network architecture - security exploitation and hardening

Consultation and administration of anti-malware platform. Exploitation and security level hardening of Bitdefender anti-malware platform.

Our Service Value to your Business

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Quantum Cybersecurity Skills offer global professional services in three areas:

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Laser focus service on security posture across the most critical assets to the business


Your cybersecurity strategy is supported in practice, as all operative efforts are aligned to the business needs / priorities

What services are included in this offer?

  • Security monitoring & incident response with MDR, Managed Detection Response service.

  • State-of-the-art-detection using Breach & Attack Simulation platform with different attack vectors (Endpoint, Email, Immediate Threats, Lateral Movement, etc.)

  • Timely detection of weaknesses through Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing, Fingerprinting recognition and Social Engineering exercises.

  • Ransomware Readiness service helps to be one step ahead of ransomware attacks.

  • Risk Mitigation by reinforcing critical systems and applications (Active Directory, AWS Cloud, Network).

  • Technical consultancy which is aimed at calibrating and improving the detection ratio of the security controls (EDR/Anti-malware).

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Proactive identification of high security risks and the impact on the business continuity


Provision of security recommendations and the best security practices


Prompt and immediate recommendation how to mitigate highest business risks

Service Delivery Life Cycle:

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Onboarding Process:

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High level work plan for 12 months:

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Pricing 'Lite' Plan

Included in 'Lite' Plan:

  • Consultancy on AWS cloud platform security exploitation and hardening.

  • Active directory/network consulting. Active Directory platform and network architecture security exploitation and hardening.

  • Consultancy and administration of anti-malware platform. Exploitation and security-level hardening of Bitdefender anti-malware platform.

  • Penetration testing x 2 exercises per annum and to include web and mobile platform.

  • Social engineering. Cover medium-advanced exercises to obtain and exploit results that go beyond password extraction.

  • Fingerprint recognition.

Note: We are an official partner of Cymulate and AttackIQ - two leading Breach & Attack simulation vendors, therefore, the penetration testing part may be replaced with a more proactive approach of automated penetration testing (extra costs apply).

$ 46,990

per annum

£ 38,086

per annum

  • 5% discount for public reference

  • Additional discounts available for multi-year Contractual Agreements

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