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Continuous Improvement

CISOs need a comprehensive solution that can enable the security team to scale quickly and benefit from complementary skills when defenses and security posture validation need to be reinforced. Our on-demand technical team is here to support you, be it for specific job (scope of assets) or based on a continuous basis (subscription term). 

Benefit from flexible pricing options and choice of services listed below. Choose only what's relevant to your business - all or any service. Service charges are based usually on annual or monthly subscriptions and in some cases, where below listed service becomes a sub-service, the charges apply based on the contract scope. For example, a customer requires 'As-is' security posture assessment which may include compliance alignment or team training, in which case, we would charge for those services based on the contract scope. 

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  • QCS “As-is” Security assessment offers a complete evaluation based on security frameworks and security best practices such as NIST, ISO, CIS which incorporates QCS research based operational efficiency assessment. 'As-is' assessment allows to improve security alignment to business goals by understanding the security posture of technology, process & people (skills gap), providing custom recommendations based on security scores.

  • Risk assessment helps to understand corporate-wide security posture.

  • Compliance alignment of the critical processes of the business (ISO 27001, GDPR, PCI/DSS, HIPAA, etc.).

  • Optimization assessment goal is to identify and solve silent pains as well as recommendations how take a full advantage of technology, processes, people aimed at generating early business risk indicators and drive strategical initiatives.