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Verify your 'As-is' Security Posture

During the global pandemic, in most organizations digital services have experienced an unprecedented demand in enabling the employees community and customers to remain connected in a massive upscaling of ICT capabilities.


As a result, many CIOs and CISOs take a moment to pause and reflect on the status of their Digital team and resources. They are seeking for Quantum Cybersecurity Skills to review ‘as-is’ position of their Digital department and provide comments, guidance and advice to the senior management so that the excellent service provided can continue and improve where possible.

Quantum Cybersecurity Skills offer an independent review of the areas listed below with suggested steps that the Digital Directorate leads could take to improve the functioning of the Department. 

Strategic Layer: People

  • Completion of a skills gap analysis to understand where development should be focused within the team.

  • Review the level of qualifications across ICT department to determine if these are sufficient for the operation of the department in the future and make suggesting on any qualification that may benefit individuals or the team as a whole.

  • Thoughts on the leadership of the department and how effective this has been.

  • Any suggested steps that could be taken to ensure the continuous development of the IT/Security Department staff.

Tactical Layer: Processes

  • A review of the cyber security policies and procedures.

  • Advice on IT/Security departments' processes optimization opportunities. 

  • A review of how security services could support operational effectiveness.

Operational Layer: Technology 

  • Infrastructure alignment to the Security Strategy of the Business.

  • Guidance on the IT assets based on security risks for improved decision making.

  • Highlight any possible vulnerabilities, risks and savings that could be achieved through operational efficiencies. 

Our Approach

Quantum Cybersecurity Skills have developed very effective security assessment with a risk-score based on proven methodologies. Such security assessment is great to measure your pre-audit readiness. Quantum Cybersecurity Skills (QCS) has combined proven methodologies together with own research-based approach that focuses on assessing security efficacy at all organizational levels: strategic, tactical and operational.  

We apply proactive and reactive assessment approach to achieve a verified end result of your 'as-is' security posture.

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