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Achieve holistic verified security transparency with Cymulate's Breach & Attack Simulation platform.

Cymulate Breach & Attack Simulation is NOT a Vulnerability Scanning tool.  The Cymulate platform allows an organization to validate the effectiveness and configuration of their security products by launching thousands of simulated cyber attacks, tools and techniques in a continuous, safe and automated way.  This ranges across the kill-chain from demonstrating the online presence of a customer using the Reconnaissance module, testing perimeter email and web gateways all the way to lateral movement testing and Purple Teaming.  Vulnerability scanning will show things which in theory could be an issue or leveraged.  Cymulate demonstrates things that are an issue.  



RedSift offer all you need for your Digital Branding Resilience:

1. Protect your domain from email impersonation.

2. Intelligent email threat detection.

3. Safeguarding the data that matters to you.



Together we stop breaches more efficiently.

How this partnership adds value to your business?

1) We partner with industry leaders to deliver premium #MDR services to our Customers:

2) We also resell CrowdStrike end-point protection solution

3) Our Proactive & Reactive Security services help to fine-tune your #EDR#SIEM,#WAF, etc.

4) We run Breach & Attack Simulations on Customer's behalf to help you verify technology efficacy (including end-point security) and justify security investments 

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